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Footy Wanderers Programme

JR. Wanderers x HP Kinesis

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Footy Wanderers Programme provides a platform for players to hone and nurture their skills through our weekly football practices and holiday camps.

Our programme is suitable for children from age 7 and above. Players will be allocated into age and skill-appropriate groups. 

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Programme Structure

Footy Wanderers offers a holistic program that helps keep your children engaged and have fun. Every session we will focus on imparting values through the practices that we design based on age-appropriate activities. Our warm up will include one multi-sport activity to allow children to learn and expose to other sports that can be related to football.

Learn the fundamentals of football:

  • Dribbling

  • Running with Ball

  • Passing & Receiving

  • Shooting 

  • Defending

  • Match Day

All in a fun and focus environment!

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4 Key Methods

Footy Wanderers focus on these 4 key methods in our football programme:

Agility, Technical Drills, Skill Practices and Small-Sided Game. 

Our objectives are

1. to develop good people before good athletes.

2. to develop healthy lifestyle habits.

3. to instill good values in every child.

4. to provide a platform for budding football players to hone and nurture their skills.

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Technical Drills

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Skill Practice Exercises


Small Sided Games

Registration Form - Central Location

Please take note that this is only registration for trial at Funan/Kallang Cage. Please select the age category according to your child's year of birth in 2023.


Under 4 : 2020 - 2019

Under 6 : 2018 - 2017

Under 8 : 2016 - 2015


Under 8 : 2016 - 2015

Under 10 : 2014 - 2013

Under 12 : 2012 - 2011

*Terms and conditions apply.

Select your venue and timing

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Registration Form (Football)
Venue : 108C Canberra Walk S753108
Age : 7 - 12 years old

*Terms and conditions apply

Training Day & Time (you can choose more than one options)

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